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Welcome to the site of Plamen Dimitrov and the Plam Orchestra

Plamen Dimitrov is a very popular Bulgarian accordion performer. His performances of contemporary and traditional Balkan folk music are virtuoso and at the same time absolutely precise. And when he improvises the instrument and the performer become one whole, a piece of music that you must hear by all means.


Plamen Dimitrov

Playing another virtuoso solo on the accordion.

The Plam Orchestra

The Plam Orchestra was created in 1989 and has since then had numerous live concerts as well as performances on National TV and radio.  Currently the band consists of: Plamen Dimitrov (accordion/keyboard), Krisi Dimitrova (vocal), Drago Draganov (vocal), Tzanko Iordanov (Clarient/Saxophone), Ivan Paskalev (Violin).

Guest performers with Plam have been renouned Bulgarian folk musicians, such as, Iordan Ionchev "Gamzata" - trumpet, Georgi Mitev - drums, Stefan Vassilev "Cheko" - percussion, Dinka Rousseva - singer and Nedialko Nedialko - kaval, among others.

The latest album of Plam - "Ha Sega" was recorded in 2002 in their own Plam Sound studio and contains traditional Bulgarian wedding folk music.

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The Plam Orchestra

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